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Polished. UV resistant, available in Clear and smoked tint.

Vinyl Windows – O’SEA

Scratch, Stain & UV Resistance

O’Sea vinyl features a unique coating that’s specifically engineered to provide a scratch resistant barrier without compromising the hand or flexibility of the sheet, so it offers the perfect compromise for those looking for durability and ease of processing. In terms of scratch and UV resistance, both O’Sea and Strataglass are rated similarly and offer exceptional protection for all their clear vinyl products. However, due to its unique coating, O’Sea vinyl is rated slightly higher than Strataglass for stain resistance when confronted with chemicals such as suntan lotion, insect repellent and fuel vapor. It’s important to note that any possible stain should be cleaned from vinyl as soon as possible to reduce unwanted effects.

Vinyl window – Strataglass

Matchless transparency quality for your boats enclosure

Strataglass has for many years enjoyed an international reputation for quality in the boating world. The high performance features found in Strataglass sheets (enclosures) are due to their special formulations and manufacturing procedure. A unique coating offers extrême scratch resistance, exceptional transparency, dirt resistance and long life.

An anti-scratch surface coating

A special finish prevents scratching that may occur during washing, handling and through straps or webbing. It also avoids friction burns caused by rubbing against stainless framing bars.


The exclusive manufacturing pressing process gets rid of all imperfections like air bubbles, creases, etc. Strataglass provides perfect vision from all angles and in all atmospheric conditions. It has superior resistance to the ageing affects of UV rays when compared with other flexible window material. Its transparency is unrivalled.

Resistance to dirt

The pressing process also gives a smooth surface that, combined with a surface coating, prevents the buildup of dirt, including miscellaneous atmospheric pollution elements, water-flow marks, etc. It prolongs the lifespan of the product and avoids yellowing.

Long life

The result of long years of research, Strataglass has for many years been fit to tens of thousands boats in the United States and all around the world.