The marine industry requires vinyl coated fabrics that can withstand moisture, hot sun and exposure to the elements. Naugahyde offers several products for this use. You’ll find Naugahyde on plush custom thermoformed automotive type dashes as well as on the seats of the smallest run-about to couches in the ocean going cruiser liners.

NaugaSoft is THE supremely supple solid vinyl upholstery choice for the discriminating Designer/Specifier looking for the luxurious hand of leather in a more durable fabric backed product. NaugaSoft has been expertly formulated to stir the passion within you. From the first touch to witnessing the superior tailorability, NaugaSoft will capture your heart. The 22 subtle colorways have been chosen to work perfectly into any environment. Faux leather never had it so good! Experience American Classic NaugaSoft today, you’ll never regret it!Advanced BeautyGard® protective top coat finish is produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.