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Vinyl Fabrics – Capitano

Formulated with quality additives and pigments, Capitano Marine Fabric fights fading, bacteria, and mildew. The colors match all of today’s exterior gel systems, interior carpeting, trim, accents, and graphics. The sturdy, expanded construction utilizes a heavy-duty, 100% polyester-filament backing with great set and stretch traits.

The boat upholstery fabric is optimal for today’s seating designs, which involve tailoring around tight corners. Capitano has a durable skin layer, which resists peeling and abrasion. It cleans easily for years of performance. The water-repellent fabric works well in boat interiors and exteriors. Find Nautolex Capitano Marine Upholstery Fabric in dozens of color options, like Beach White.

Vinyl Windows – O’SEA

Scratch, Stain & UV Resistance

O’Sea vinyl features a unique coating that’s specifically engineered to provide a scratch resistant barrier without compromising the hand or flexibility of the sheet, so it offers the perfect compromise for those looking for durability and ease of processing. In terms of scratch and UV resistance, both O’Sea and Strataglass are rated similarly and offer exceptional protection for all their clear vinyl products. However, due to its unique coating, O’Sea vinyl is rated slightly higher than Strataglass for stain resistance when confronted with chemicals such as suntan lotion, insect repellent and fuel vapor. It’s important to note that any possible stain should be cleaned from vinyl as soon as possible to reduce unwanted effects.

Stamoid – light

Serge Ferrari “Cover” range offers the best weight/strength ratio on the market for protecting your boat and marine equipment: tenders, winter covers, seat covers, and equipment covers and accessories.

• 100% waterproof,
• minimum volume,
• exceptional service life.

Stamoid Light

Very wide range of colors and Nanotop anti-capillarity treatment

• Equipment cover
• Flybridge cover
• Furling sail cover
• Seat cover
• Dinghy cover

Surlast – solution dyed polyester

Sur Last® is a solution dyed polyester fabric designed to be flexible and easy for manufacturers to use. Its urethane coating enhances the stability of the weave and allows for greater water resistance, while also minimizing shrinkage and stretching.

Sur Last features a high UV, water and mold and mildew resistance and has excellent tear and abrasion resistance. It is also non-abrasive to gel coat and other popular marine finishes and offers outstanding silkscreen adhesion.

Vinyl window – Strataglass

Matchless transparency quality for your boats enclosure

Strataglass has for many years enjoyed an international reputation for quality in the boating world. The high performance features found in Strataglass sheets (enclosures) are due to their special formulations and manufacturing procedure. A unique coating offers extrême scratch resistance, exceptional transparency, dirt resistance and long life.

An anti-scratch surface coating

A special finish prevents scratching that may occur during washing, handling and through straps or webbing. It also avoids friction burns caused by rubbing against stainless framing bars.


The exclusive manufacturing pressing process gets rid of all imperfections like air bubbles, creases, etc. Strataglass provides perfect vision from all angles and in all atmospheric conditions. It has superior resistance to the ageing affects of UV rays when compared with other flexible window material. Its transparency is unrivalled.

Resistance to dirt

The pressing process also gives a smooth surface that, combined with a surface coating, prevents the buildup of dirt, including miscellaneous atmospheric pollution elements, water-flow marks, etc. It prolongs the lifespan of the product and avoids yellowing.

Long life

The result of long years of research, Strataglass has for many years been fit to tens of thousands boats in the United States and all around the world.

Vinyl fabrics – Spradling International

Spradling’s extensive library of marine quality coated fabrics have protected pleasure craft and commercial vessels for years through careful engineering and use of the finest raw materials to meet mother nature head-on.

Spradling’s commitment to the marine industry does not end with the largest ready-to-ship marine quality program in the world. OEM boat producers throughout North America upholster custom Spradling marine vinyl every day, as they have done for over twenty-five years… a real testimony to quality and performance.

The company’s extensive Softside® and standard marine packages easily address the requirements for almost any outdoor upholstery need.

Vinyl fabrics – Naugahyde

The marine industry requires vinyl coated fabrics that can withstand moisture, hot sun and exposure to the elements. Naugahyde offers several products for this use. You’ll find Naugahyde on plush custom thermoformed automotive type dashes as well as on the seats of the smallest run-about to couches in the ocean going cruiser liners.

NaugaSoft is THE supremely supple solid vinyl upholstery choice for the discriminating Designer/Specifier looking for the luxurious hand of leather in a more durable fabric backed product. NaugaSoft has been expertly formulated to stir the passion within you. From the first touch to witnessing the superior tailorability, NaugaSoft will capture your heart. The 22 subtle colorways have been chosen to work perfectly into any environment. Faux leather never had it so good! Experience American Classic NaugaSoft today, you’ll never regret it!Advanced BeautyGard® protective top coat finish is produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.

Solution dyed fabrics – Top Gun


Top Gun Acrylic Coated Polyester Fabric

TOP GUN™ is an acrylic-coated 100% woven polyester fabric (600 denier) utilizing a proprietary process to coat both the top and bottom, thus allowing the fabric to be completely reversible. It is characterized by excellent strength, durability, tear and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, UV and mildew resistance. TOP GUN™ is the ultimate coated fabric that provides unrivaleddurability, tear and abrasion resistance. TOP GUN™ can be used for many outdoor applications such as marine tops, trailer covers, gazebos, canopies, tarps, playground equipment covers, BBQ grill covers, patio furniture, and many other useful applications.

Solution dyed fabrics – Sunbrella



Boaters have made Sunbrella® fabrics the No. 1 marine fabric because of the brand’s classic good looks, fade resistance, ease of cleaning and durability. In addition to traditional Sunbrella marine fabrics, we’ve created special versions including Sunbrella Supreme and Sunbrella Plus. Our upholstery fabrics have also grown in popularity for inside the cabin or in the cockpit where they provide the look and comfort of home décor, yet are mildew and stain resistant and easy to clean.